8 Beatty Parade,
Surfdale, Waiheke Island

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Membership and casual fees effective November 2018


We see your dog as a member of the Dog Depot a social and activity club. We have packages to suit casual and regular members and look to tailor pricing options that best meet your needs and the needs of your dog….

The Dog Depot a social club that embraces and understands dogs and appreciates how important your “best friend” is to you and your family. We, at Dog Depot have endeavoured to develop packages that will suit casual and/or regular members. Our pricing is tailored to allow you to select what is best to meets your needs and the needs of your dog….

Evaluation and meet ‘n’ greet half day (till1pm)   Complimentary no charge

Casual Days                                                                                        
Casual    full day                                                                          $45.00
Casual half day (7am-1pm)                                                         $30.00

Members Popular Pass - valid for 2 months from purchase                
15 day pass                   ($36.13 per day)                                   $542.00
20 day pass                   ($34.50 per day)                                   $690.00

Members passes valid for calendar week or month of purchase                          
Everyday Weekly pass ($34.50 per day)                                    $172.50
Everyday Monthly pass ($30.00 per day)                                   $630.00

Members pass - valid for 12 months from purchase                            
5 full days                     ($40.00 per day)                                    $200.00
5 half days                    ($29.00 per half day)                             $145.00
10 full days                   ($37.40 per day)                                    $374.00
10 half days                  ($28.50 per half day)                             $285.00

Gold Card holders

15% discount on casual day rate                                           
10% discount on any members pass                                       


Second dog from same household receives a 15% discount on all prices

Other Services:                  
Pickup and/or drop off from home or ferry from $11.50 per pickup or drop off depending on area.
Individualised Dog Walk (Wednesdays and Fridays)
Cost for 1hr walk (incl pickup/drop off) $45.00
Melika Barnes of Pawsitive Steps Dog/PuppyTraining
(please enquire for dates and costs)

Overnight stays at Bed n Basket – Depot Members only

We provide a limited exclusive overnight service for our Depot Members
Please enquire with your needs and we will tailor a quote for you.