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Surfdale, Waiheke Island

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The health and comfort of your dog is our main priority, and before booking we need you to consider the following: 


If your dog has had a bout of vomiting, diarrhoea or other sickness 24 hours before day-care day, please advise us so we are able to control the spread of disease or take preventative measures. 


Kennel stays - if your dog has been housed in a boarding kennel for a short (hours) or long period of time, he/she must not attend day-care for at least 7 - 10 days after his/her kennel visit. This is important in preventing the spread of potential diseases such as Kennel Cough within our facility, and the wider community. 


It is important to keep us informed regarding your dog’s health, such as wounds, scratches, scrapes and injuries. Throughout the course of the day we health check the dogs in our care and it has become a trend lately for us to find injuries or wounds that we have not been told about.  It is essential we are informed about anything out of the ordinary. 


If your dog has recently had surgery - for any reason - please advise us, dogs who are post-surgery have specific needs and requirements.  If your dog has stitches it is imperative that he/she is kept at home away from other dogs that may pull, scratch or stretch stitches, there is also the possibility of infection. 


Vaccination updates - bring your vaccination card in on your next visit after your dog’s annual vaccination to enable us to update our records. 


Please feed your dog early on day-care days. Dogs that are fed in the morning need at least 1.5 hours to digest their food before exercising to prevent them vomiting their food and to prevent other potential problems such as gastric torsion (bloat).