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Surfdale, Waiheke Island

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The Dog Depot is a unique club, where every dog, no matter what size, age or breed is welcome to apply. However to ensure the safety and well-being of all member dogs we require that all dogs meet the following criteria before their application can be considered.  


Day-care - 4 months or older – desexed no later than 10 months - licensed - up to date DHPP /Lepto Virus/ Kennel Cough vaccinations  


There are 3 easy steps to becoming a Dog Depot Member.


The more we know the more able we are to tailor services to you and your dogs, unique needs. Please ensure your loved one is up to date with their vaccinations including Kennel Cough. 


The application form provides us with a detailed history of you and your dog, allowing us to gain an invaluable insight into the how he or she will fit into  this unique environment and what playgroup they will enjoy the most. If you have any questions about the application form please call or if you are unsure of any of the question we can talk that through when you come in.


1. Contact options for bookings please go to our Contact page and email us.

We can book your first day and talk through any questions you might have.    

Fill out our application form here The Dog Depot Application Form - and either print a copy and bring it with you or follow the steps below. 


2. Click on the link below for the pdf form, save it to your computer first, then open it on your computer using Acrobat Reader fill out and press submit to email us - and we will call you.


Complete The Dog Depot Application Form once downloaded to your computer. Do not fill it in using your web browser, as it will not save the information or send. You can sign it when we see you!

IMPORTANT - Please save a copy of your completed form. If the form does not submit once you hit the 'Submit' form button, save the form as your "DOGS NAME" and email to or print and bring with you on your first day. If we have not got back to you within a few days, please give us a call so we can at least schedule your first day.

(You will need Acrobat Reader. If you don't have either of these, you can download Acrobat here for free. )


We will need a copy of  your dog’s current medical and vaccination history - either include a copy with your printed application or bring the originals with you when we arrange your meet and greet.